exhibitions & street art

09.2023 "House of Paint II" Collective exhibition & event of street art and graffiti in a building meant to be destroyed. Participation as Le Bestiaire with the mural painting "9 Warriors". Geneva / ZI Meyrin-Satigny

11.2022-10.2023 "L'Horizon entre les Vagues" Collective exhibition of works, mainly artist's books, made during the pandemic. BCUL, Palais de Rumine, Lausanne. Organised by Marc Tiefenauer, curator of the Library's Precious Reserve.

09.2021 "De Profundis" Solo exhibition, as part of BDFIL Festival. Repeat of the former exhibition, confronting pictures of H.C. Andersen's Little Mermaid and H.P. Lovecraft's Commonplace Book in a more extended way. Galerie Univers, Lausanne.

06.2021 "De Profundis" Illustrations inspired by H.C. Andersen's Little Mermaid and H.P. Lovecraft's Commonplace Book. Café A la Bossette, Lausanne.

11.2019 "Vanitas III" Collective exhibition. Double contribution as Stephan Bersier and as Le Bestiaire. Next Door Gallery, Geneva.

05.2019 "Esper (deeper than you) " Street art as Le Bestiaire. Mural painting. Rue de la Barre/Pré des Druides, Lausanne.

11.2018 "The Threshold of the Now" Street art as Le Bestiaire. Mural painting. Rue de la Barre, Lausanne.

08.2018 "Goliath" Street art as Le Bestiaire. Mural painting. Rue de la Barre, Lausanne.

10.2014 "Streets of La Chaux-de-Fonds" Selection of pictures representing the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Entourloop Bar, La Chaux-de-Fonds.

10.2008 "An Exhibition of Unspeakable Things" (L’Expo qui rend fouRepeat of the 2007 exhibition. Les Utopiales, Nantes.

10.2007 "An Exhibition of Unspeakable Things" (L’Expo qui rend fouCollective exhibition of works inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Commonplace Book. Maison d’Ailleurs, Yverdon. Organised by Patrick J. Gyger, based on an original idea of Mix&Remix.

05.2001 "Espace et cinématographie" Collective exhibition of paintings made by former students, and depicting scenes of the drama-thriller film "M" by Fritz Lang. Organised by Arduino Cantàfora, Charles Duboux and Annina Ruf in the ancient church "Chiesa dello Spirito Santo", University of Bologna.

03.2001 "FreakS" Repeat of the 2000 exhibition. Centre d'Art d'en Face, Porrentruy.

07.2000 "FreakS" Exhibition of fiction fashion design. Gallery Corps et Scène, Lausanne. Work made in association with Anne Lombard, stylist.

03.2000 "Empreintes" Collective exhibition of engravings made by students during the classes of the Chaire d’expressions visuelles, EPFL. Organised by Arduino Cantàfora, Charles Duboux and Annina Ruf.

10.1999 "MDF" Collective exhibition for the opening of the Centre d'Art d'en Face, Porrentruy.

main publications

09.2021 "La Petite Sirène/Den lille Havfrue" Exhibition catalogue with illustrations of H.C. Andersen's Little Mermaid. Self-publication for the exhibition "De Profundis".

09.2021 "Le Livre de Raison/Commonplace Book" Exhibition catalogue with illustrations of H.P. Lovecraft's Commonplace Book. Self-publication for the exhibition "De Profundis".

07.2014 "Amonjak" Graphic novel, 68 pages, fiction. Made in association with Sébastien Mussi. Published online at www.amonjak.com.

09.2009 "Kihon Karate Club" Poster of a karate club in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

05.2008 "Cartes ludiques de quelques lieux magiques" Game cards depicting the towns of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle. Illustration work made in association with Nicolas Babey, Mauro Frascotti and Victor Savanyu. (Edited by Mémoires du Futur, 2008)

04.2008 "Bienvenue au Locle" Collective comic book promoting the town of le Locle (Edited by Georges Pop, Ville du Locle / Le Phare, 2008)

10.2007 "A Book of UnspeakableThings" (Le Livre qui rend fou) Selection of works of one hundred artists. A Maison d'Ailleurs publication for "An Exhibition of Unspeakable Things". Edited by Patrick J.Gyger.

10.2007 "Tattoo-passion" Collective comic book promoting a web site about tattoo (Edited by Georges Pop, www.tattoo-passion, 2007)

10.2007 "Virus" Collective comic book about AIDS (Edited by Georges Pop, Groupe Sida Genève,2007)

06.2007 "Synod of Barmen" Illustration for the journal La Réforme

06.2002 "La Mela di Adriano o Dell'Enigma dello Sguardo" (La pomme d’Adrien ou De l'Enigme du Regard) A book by Arduino Cantàfora and Charles Duboux illustrated with works of former students (PPUR, 2002)

07.2000 "Freaks” Poster and flyer of the exhibition, both made in association with David Deppierraz.

03.2000 "Empreintes" Selection of engravings made by students during the classes of the Chaire d’expressions visuelles. Edited by Arduino Cantàfora, Charles Duboux, and Annina Ruf for the exhibition in the EPFL.

11.1999 "She-Devil” Logo designed for the magazine Seventh Sky

05.1995 "Balélec 95" Visual design and complete artwork of the student festival. Poster, flyer,T-shirt, entry ticket, etc. Work made in association with David Deppierraz and Christophe Gnaegi.

interior architecture

2022-2023 "Margit Körut 50-52" Redesigning of a flat in Budapest.

12.2019 "National Sporting Club" Transformation of a metal workshop into a fighting sports and martial arts training room in Lausanne. Conception in collaboration with Antonino Tramparulo, architect. Partly achieved project.

2015-2018 "Haldimand 18" Interior arrangement of my own little studio in Lausanne, in an elaborated way. Systematic use of low cost elements and raw materials such as cardboard boxes, MDF boards, Ikea furniture.

01.2016 "Pre-Con Kft." Transformation of a flat into a book restoration workshop in Budapest.

03.2005 "Baross Tér 14." Redesigning of a flat and interior arrangement of a workshop in Budapest.

08.2001 "National Sporting Club" Transformation of a storage room into a fighting sports and martial arts training room in Lausanne. Partly achieved project.

12.1998 "Sanctuary" Decorating and lighting concept for a public event in the Dolce Vita, a music club in Lausanne.

other works

10.1997 "Genius Loci" Video movie, 24 minutes, fiction, Berlin. Written and directed in collaboration with Friederike Bérat, starring Stephane Doucerain.

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